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Puckies of Sweden Review

So besides my recipes here on my blog you will be able to find a lot of other stuff, related to healthy food and healthy lifestyle, including my personal reviews on the food which I randomly (or consistently) try out.

I am more of a snacking type of person - I don't like heavy lunches and I prefer crunching on something light instead. Especially when I am in the city running errands, I prefer a light meal. What about salad, you say? Yeah, it's kind of a dinner meal to me. Anyhow, being this city-girl-snacking-always-on-the-run type of gal, I am in constant search of some healthy snacking material. You know the drill, right - you come into the coffee place and there's like cakes and muffins everywhere. I mean! I would love to eat those, but I love them too much, so I better don't even start with those. As the result, I keep myself on a short leash and look for sugar-free and preferably gluten free alternatives.

Puckies of Sweden caught my eye when I was buying coffee at Panini International (another chain of food and snacks place which I will most probably review in the nearest future). Puckies of Sweden make stuff which I usually make at home, and by this I mean, something to crunch on, some light snack which is sugar free, gluten free, vegan, raw.

I just love to read the label which consists of nothing but pure raw ingredients - no E-crap, no preservatives, just pure material. Just like made at home. So I've tried out their - what they call - "fika-bites" (of the following tastes: cardamon bun, cinnamon bun and lemon cake).

Since I have very sensitive taste receptors (this came as the result of healthy sugarless eating - stay tuned, coming up), I've at once noticed ingredients of premium class, and they are mainly dates, nuts and cocoa powder. Different tastes are made using various spices (then again, cinnamon, cardamom or the essence of lemon or lime), that's pretty much all the difference.

Let's come to the

TASTE part : awesome. Can't complain. I've tried a lot of sugar free natural, unnatural, vegan, non vegan options in the last few years. I mean, I've tried a loot, cause I am the explorer/researcher/creator who is in constant search of things.

CONSISTENCY: Pretty nice. Something to chew on. Exactly what I need with my coffee.

SMELL: Not that much. Too bad, since I am kind of a smelling type of person.

PACKAGING: sweet and small. I think it might be packaged by hand. Comes in 1 pack or 3 pack.

PRICE: 25 SEK for a big piece and 25 SEK for a smaller piece (packed as a 3-pack, though they are extremely small). A bit pricey, if you ask me, especially considering the fact that you need to buy a few (I had to buy 2 big ones, 1 small one to make me content, this equals 75 SEK. I could have had a real lunch instead. :)

INGREDIENTS: Mainly dates and nuts. I would love to see other types of nuts, not only cashew. Well done using cacao nibs. You can sure tell when tasting them. No additional sugar added. Totally loving this. Say no to sugar, damn it!

NUTRITION: You will get a kick out of the natural sugar in dates as the main ingredient. Otherwise I would not worry too much. It will keep you full for some time. Calories? Don't really care. Well, if you do, 420,5 kcal/100g (it says so on the package, however it is not clear how much of grams are there in a package. Measuring by eye the bigger piece might be around 40 grams, maximum.)

WOULD I BUY IT ONCE MORE: Yes. Many times.


WHERE TO BUY: Currently they are sold at Panini International, but I believe they've started selling those at biggest Ica stores or Ica supermarkets. Oh, Stockholm, Sweden. No clue if they are sold in the whole country or they only focus on the biggest cities in Sweden.


TOTAL EVALUATION: 4 stars out of 5 possible. Well done, Puckies of Sweden.

Stay tuned for more exciting thingz to come.


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