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My Vegan Glutenfree Sugarfree Banana Bread with Pomegranate & Dried Apricot (Also Nuts-free)

This recipe is an absolute classic of the popular banana bread, however my alternative has no gluten, sugar, eggs, dairy or even nuts. It is very simple to prepare. Once you've nailed the basic ingredients for healthy baking, you are free to improvise with (almost) any ingredients you like.

Anyhow, I used:

150g buckwheat flour

30g buckwheat flakes

20g milled glutenfree oats (I mill them with my coffe grinder. You may use the regular oats as well)

300g ripe bananas (generally, in baking bananas function as a natural sweetener because they release their natural fruit sugars while baking)

0,5 tbs baking soda

0,5 baking powder

Some cinammon if you like

Some cardamom if you like (releases awesome smell while baking)

50g of any kind of milled seeds - okay, so this needs an explanation: I keep this mixture ready in my fridge both for baking and for eating. My current mixture consists of the following: pumkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds. You don't need to use all of it. You could also be using nuts, but this time I wanted to experiment in a nuts free way. So the seeds act as a substitute to nuts.

200 ml of plant-based milk : personally I am in love with Alpro almond milk but you may use whicever you like. When I run out of plant based milk, I simply use water.

2 tbs flax seeds, milled - now, in vegan baking, milled flax seeds functions as an egg, since it binds the whole thing together. Let's call it a vergan-glue. I am so used to using it I don't ever buy eggs anymore. Even if I bake something "unhealthy", I use the flax-egg. Handy.

0,5 pomegranate (carefully pick out the seeds)

a few dried apricots - cut in small pieces

2 tbs of tahini - now I love tahini due to some oil-similar features

Now we come to the sweetener part - for this particular banana bread I did not use any sort of sweetener however you might want to consider the following options : if you are on an extreme sugafree regimen on which I have been (coming up! stay tuned) I suggest using Stevia. If you may allow yourself some sugar intake, I recommend using Agave syrup, Maple syrup, coconut sugar etc. You might want to avoid refined sugar since it is bad for you (coming up! stay tuned!)

you are ready to start baking. I have an old-fashioned gas oven at my home and I bake it on the level 4. I think it must be equal to approximately 180 degrees Celsius. Preheating an oven beforehand is a must. I use a regular classic bread baking tray, so this makes a lot of volume to bake through. My baking time is approximately 50 min, but you need to be checking it out quite often with a toothpick - when it comes out clean, it is ready.

When cooled, cut in pieces and serve with anything you like - eat it plain (heavenly taste with a cup of coffee), eat it with peanut butter, maple syrup, fresh berries, even ice-cream, who cares! As long as you eat healthy nutrition options and eat it in moderations, you are good to go.

Thank you so much for following through this and stay tuned - I upload new material up to 5-6 times a week. Check out my Instagram profile!

Yours -

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