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Low-Carb Banana Bread (almost completely flour-free. Gluten free, sugar free, Vegan, Paleo)

Ok, so you might already now that I am completely obsessed with banana bread generally. Why? It's extremely easy to bake and it's a perfect snack when/if on the run - just add a few slices to your lunch box and off you go. You can eat it plain or top it with some nut butter. The only problem with the banana bread is that, even if it is baked with buckwheat flour, it is still very high in carbs. Banana bread which is based on buckwheat is of course gluten free and sugar free, however it does not mean that it is low in carbs. So my goal here was to experiment and find a way of baking a banana bread which is very low in carbs. Because you know, beach season is coming. Generally, I wanna be able to enjoy it quite often.

The result surprised me as I thought it would literally fall apart since I barely used any flour whatsoever. Turned out nutritious, very tender in texture, and incredibly tasty. Therefore I am sharing this recipe with you. I used:

80 g ground almonds (check the texture, might need 10-20 grams more)

2 tbs peanut butter

60 g mixture of my homemade seeds-mixture. Ok, so I mill pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, any other kind of seeds and then just keep it in a fridge for further baking projects. I had to use

50 g of coconut flour (purely for the texture. It has given an incredible smell and volume to the dough. Well done, I say. Coconut flour is one of few flour that is very low in carbs. To be precise, 15g as per 100 g. That's low for flour)

2 tbs flax seeds

200 g of mashed bananas (make sure they are ripe. Very ripe to be precise)

1 apple (or 100 g more of additional bananas)

2 tbs melted coconut oil

1 tbs melted ghee butter

A pinch of salt

Some plant-based milk (you have to watch the texture, I'd say at least 200 ml)

0,5 tbs baking powder

0,5 baking soda

Some cinnamon

Some cardamon

2-3 tbs of Stevia sweetener.

That's it! I did not add any dried fruit, since, again, I want to keep it as low-carb as possible.

Bake in a bread tray in a preheated oven. Oven should be at least 180 degrees Celsius hot/Gas Mark 4. I baked it for approximately 50 min. Make sure you check it with a toothpick before making a decision if it is ready or not.

Slice in pieces once cooled down.

Enjoy without any guilt. There is no other way to make banana bread with less carbohydrates. Unless baking with air. Or, should I try something else, maybe? I think I've got an idea!...

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