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Homemade Fig, Seeds & Peanuts' Spread (Vegan, Paleo, gluten free, sugar free)

When I get bored of my ecologic sugar free peanut butter (which I totally loove by the way), I tend to experiment with different kind of spreads. Today I wanted to try out combining some seeds and some peanuts. Not too much of the latter, since I prefer a somewhat lighter consistence and nutrition. The one I made is very easily done and could be a substitute for any nut-butter and/or jam which you are used to using on your toast.. Perfect, healthy snack, which is refined sugar free, naturally free of gluten (obviously seeds contain no gluten) and both nutritious and delicious (contains important minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Zinc and others. Honestly, this is one reason why I love all kinds of seeds - they are able to provide you with a lot of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for our bodies). This is what I used (my quantities are small since I made an experimental batch. Go ahead and double it if you like):

20 g sunflower seeds

20 g pumpkin seeds

10 g flax seeds

10 g sesame seeds

10 g peanuts

10 dried or fresh figs (soak in boiled water for at least 20 min, if used dried ones)

20 ml Maple syrup (or Agave syrup. You could also add some Stevia if you must have it sweeter)

A pinch of salt

Some drained water from the soaked figs (an alternative is to use plant-based milk, but I usually like using all possible ingredients and leftovers that remain after baking/cooking/soaking etc)

Basically you need to roast your seeds in any frying pan for no more than 5 min - feel free to use any mixture of seeds you like by the way - and when they've cooled down, mill them to flour-like consistence (I will repeat that for all kind of milling processes I use my beloved coffee grinder. No, it doesn't break easily. Unless you try to mill 200 g of raw nuts in one shot. Ha ha). Meanwhile, soak your figs (if dried. Otherwise no need). Combine all this together, add some maple syrup, sweetener, if you like, and some water or plant-based milk. Done, finito, ready! Spread on a toast/crispy bread, add this to your granola/cereal, oh you know the drill. Just eat it. And enjoy!


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