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Gluten free, Sugar free, Buckwheat-based Bars (Vegan)

So basically I had some leftovers in my cupboard and I though I'd throw them in together and try to bake something out of them. Turned out alright. The goal was to make something gluten free. Here goes the recipe:

100 g buckwheat flakes (the main ingredient buckwheat makes this gluten free. Check out my previous post where I give more information on the buckwheat! You could be using oats instead.)

25 g sunflower seeds

25 g sesame seeds

25 g Chia seeds (go ahead and use some pumpkin seeds - at the moment I did not have them available - told you, rinsing out my cupboard to the max:)

25 g flax seeds

40 g dried apricot

20 g raisins (this will provide with plenty of dissolved fruit sugars instead of the refined sugar

1 tbs tahini (I love using it in healthy baking, acts as an oil-substitute, especially when I run out of coconut oil)

1 tbs sugar free peanut butter

100 ml plant-based milk

50 g Agave syrup or maple syrup

Some cinnamon

Some vanilla essence, if you like

Some orange zest, if you like. I love using it when baking since this makes a divine smell in the kitchen (or the entire place, actually).

You could avoid these natural sweeteners by using Stevia. For a non-vegan option go for some natural honey. However in this recipe liquid sweetener plays the key role for acting as glue and binding all the material together. So make sure you use some.

Preheat the oven up to 180 degrees C/Gas Mark 4 and bake for approximately 20 min. Make sure you spread it evenly in your baking tray on the grease-proof paper.

I used some sugar free vegan chocolate on top, but this is optional. Otherwise melt some chocolate and top the bars before cutting them into pieces.



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