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Buckwheat-Hemp Seeds Protein Bars (Vegan, Paleo)

Ok, so being a bit obsessed with buckwheat, I decided to experiment and try to make protein bars out of it. I also made a decision to match it with another excellent recourse of natural protein - hemp seeds. This is how I made my bars:

1 dl of buckwheat - make sure to use the highest quality. On it depends the entire project :) The thing is, if the quality of buckwheat is low, the taste will be just...bad. So you might wanna make sure you use premium class.

1 dl of hemp seeds

1 dl of oats (these come in for the consistence and for the general "softening" of somewhat specific taste of both buckwheat and hemp seeds).

Some dried cranberries (use any kind of dried fruit you prefer)

A few dried apricots

Some maple syrup

Some Stevia

3 tbs coconut oil

You will need to soak both buckwheat and hemp seeds in boiling water to make them soft and manageable. I soaked it for about 30 min. Buckwheat must become soft and will increase in size about twice.

When it comes to hemp seeds - I wasn't quite happy of the quality of them, they were quite dry generally, therefore I decided to soak them as well. Otherwise you might skip this step.

Once you've soaked them both in water, drain them, and then mill the hemp seeds into hemp flour (Yep, my coffee grind comes in rescue once more). You will not need to mill the buckwheat because you might wanna leave those nice pieces for the texture. And for the look, generally. :)

Cut your dried fruit in pieces and mix it wit the buckwheat and the hemp seeds. Melt your coconut oil, and pour over your dough. Gently mix. Add sweeteners. You are now ready to bake.

Use a regular baking tray and gently form the dough onto the baking paper. Make sure it is even and nice. You may use another sheet of baking paper just to even out the dough onto the baking tray. It should be smooth and even.

Bake in preheated oven of 180 degrees Celsius/Gas Mark 4 for at least 15 min and make sure you keep checking it once in a while since it can be done real fast (check it with a toothpick).

Cut in pieces once it's cooled down.

Nutritional information:

Buckwheat and hemp seeds are gluten free and incredibly nutritious, though be aware that buckwheat generally is high in carbs. So this snack is averagely high in carbs due to buckwheat, dried fruit and the sweetener. However you will get all the benefits from buckwheat (minerals and vitamins) and the omega 3 fats from hemp seeds. Goody, I say. Don't overdue it (says me, ha ha).



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